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A Nuclear-Weapons-Free World!

After the worst of times, we are perhaps entering the best of times for proponents of nuclear disarmament. At long last, advocates of the elimination of nuclear weapons have reason for some guarded optimism. The road to a nuclear-weapons-free world will be long and bumpy, but those expected to take the initiative seem to have finally decided to lead. That is encouraging.


Sixty-four years ago the world was free of nuclear weapons, but after the production of some 140,000 of these artifacts of mass destruction, there seems to be a significant shift in the role some Governments have assigned to them. They are no longer generally considered to be the best means to ensure national security. Deterrence and mutually-assured destruction have become outdated concepts in a world now more concerned with other questions and challenges, including widespread poverty, climate change, a worldwide economic and financial meltdown, and other threats such as the recent alarm over the pandemic outbreak of a new kind of influenza virus.


Above all, the motivation for seeking the elimination of nuclear weapons now seems to be a fear of the further proliferation of these weapons to other States and possibly to the so-called non-State actors, including terrorist groups. There is the rub.


Nuclear weapons are intrinsically dangerous and pose an unparalleled threat to the very existence of humankind. They do not enhance a country's security but, rather, imperil the survival of all nations, which should be the point of departure of nuclear disarmament efforts.


To dwell on the potential danger that they may fall into the wrong hands is to misconstrue the argument for their elimination. They should be banned because they are immoral -- and probably illegal

Nuclear weapons are a continuing and direct threat to all that we, collectively and individually, treasure. They impact us in ways ranging from humanitarian, environmental and economic to medical, generational and spiritual. We ourselves are the solution to the abolition of nuclear weapons which provides an opportunity to transform society, win over violence and establish a culture of peace.



  • To build a broader nuclear abolition constituency by providing the opportunity to learn about nuclear weapons from multiple viewpoints and in line with diverse interests
  • To provide information and perspectives that empower people to take action for "the future we want"
  • To generate popular momentum toward the outlawing of nuclear weapons through a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons




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