Reza Aghapoor

Reza Aghapoor(born 22 june 1975) is President of Swedish Peace Agency. He is a Swedish politician who was charmian of the Peace Democrats from 2010 to 2014. Reza was born and grew up in Iranian Azerbaijan and moved to Sweden from Iran at the age of 29.

Suffering humanity, violation of human right and destruction of peace and harmony always move the peoples with philanthropic disposition. But there are only very few who posses the wisdom, courage and ability to stand firmly against the evil forces responsible for the destruction of peace and harmony, and very few are capable to do some positive activities to mitigate human suffering and advancement towards the establishment of human right and restoration of peace and harmony for mankind. Reza Aghapoor is one of such person, who has taking the challenge to stand by the suffering humanity with a strong wisdom for peace and love for mankind.


"I have a dream That the day will come When We will help each other Because it is the right thing to do. I have a dream that we are going to have peace on earth and that neighbor will help neighbor. My dream is that mankind will start working together to eradicate all the disease across the whole planet; and that no child will starve to death. The greatest thing for the future in my dream is that mankind will be as one. I know that we have a long road to travel to rid ourselves of prejudice and greed. I believe that we the human race will achieve this and as we grow this dream just gets closer and closer all the time. A dream is something notable; it gives a person a reason for living. A vision is an obtainable goal. This is my dream." Say Reza.




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