Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of eight leading individuals, including our President, who bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of activities.


On announcing the Board's appointment, the Chair of the Board, Reza Aghapoor, commented: "I am delighted that individuals of this international caliber, and from such a range of professional perspectives, have agreed to join the Board of Swedish Peace Agency. It reflects a shared recognition both of the real opportunity and need we now have to put the SPA Guiding Principles on Peace and Human Rights into practice, and of the fact that the Swedish Peace Agency team is uniquely well-placed to make a major contribution to this task".

Members of the Board of Directors

Reza Aghapoor

Board President


Elisabeth Plahn

Board Vice President

Camilla Petersson

Board Secretary

Thomas Beng

Board Member

Annika Lagerholm

Board Member

Simson Samuelsson

Board Member and Responsible and Contact Person for Nordic countries


Emine Aktas

Responsible and Contact Person for Middle East


William Freeman

Responsible and Contact Person for Africa

Ann Lindberg

Responsible and Contact Person for North America



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