Swedish Peace Agency a platform to leverage Coalition members’ expertise and resources to support common campaigns and advocacy objectives, amplifying the voices of communities and maximizing the individual strengths of member organizations.

Peace Agency role is to strengthen the peace movement. One objective is to assist peace organizations to get the attention that they deserve. In the noise of today’s society it is a challenge to get the public’s attention in all of those fine efforts for a more peaceful world that is at hand.

We work with minority communities through our many and varied programmes, providing education andtraining to enable them to claim their rightful place in society. We carry out media and advocacy work and lobby governments and the United Nations alongside and on behalf of minorities.

Nuclear weapons are intrinsically dangerous and pose an unparalleled threat to the very existence of humankind. They do not enhance a country's security but, rather, imperil the survival of all nations, which should be the point of departure of nuclear disarmament efforts.

Most armed conflicts occur in developing countries where people depend substantially on natural resources for subsistence farming and livelihoods. Natural resources are often intertwined with the conflict narrative, with grievances over natural resources and their revenues contributing to the onset of conflict, revenues from natural resources financing conflict, and combatants targeting natural resources and the environment. And peace following resource-related conflicts is fragile: countries with past resource-related conflicts are more likely to relapse, and to do so twice as quickly.



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